Serving the Children of Dexter and Beyond


     The Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis meets every Friday morning at the Knights of Columbus Hall on North Dexter Road, Dexter, and we host a guest speaker each week.  We meet at 6:50 AM, but come eariler to socialize.

 Guest Speaker

Brian Kneeland, Northern Maine Field Manager, Epilepsy Foundation New England

Our guest speaker on November 11th was Brian Kneeland, Northern Maine Field Manager for the Epilepsy Foundation New England.  His presentation about epilepsy and seizure disorders provided the members of the club insight into the challenge that people with epilepsy face and stigmas.  Brain not only has epilepsy, but had undergone four brain surgeries trying to find a way to stop the seizures from happening and has been seizure free for 4 years.  His personal story is compelling.  In his last surgery, his skull was removed for three weeks while they experimented and gathered information about what was going on with him. 

Brian is also a member of Bangor Toastmasters Club and Kevin Tremblay is too.  Brian was working on a speech project while delivering this presentation to us.  I evaluated the speech which was Project #9 in the Competent Communicator Manual, Persuade with Power – Epilepsy 101.  He did extremely well with his personal story and through a Power Point Presentation which explained about epilepsy and seizures.  There was so much interest he spoken after 8 AM as there were a lot of questions.  Brian is on a mission to educate northern Maine about epilepsy.  He is a great spokesman for the Epilepsy Foundation.    


The club had an evening social at Jill's camp on the lake.  There was over 30 people that attended this event.  The weather was fantastic.  

2015 Officers

Excitment mounts as another year of Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis works for the community.  We look forward to a year full of activities with members working together to serve the children of the area.  Join us on Friday mornings for our regular membership meeting at the K of C Hall in Dexter.