Serving the Children of Dexter and Beyond


     The Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis meets every Friday morning at the Knights of Columbus Hall on North Dexter Road, Dexter, and we host a guest speaker each week.  We meet at 6:50 AM but come earlier to socialize.

 Guest Speaker

Jennifer Hooper, Life Coach

Our Guest Speaker for October 6, 2017


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Boot Anxiety to the Curb


Learn about food-mood connections and how to reclaim your life from runaway emotions. Holistic Health Coach Jennifer Hooper understands how anxiety and depression can derail personal aspirations and grip us with fear. In this talk, she’ll share how her own life has been touched by anxiety and depression, explain how food choices (good and bad) influence our brain, and offer hope for kicking anxiety and depression to the curb.


2015 Officers

Excitment mounts as another year of Dexter Sunrise Kiwanis works for the community.  We look forward to a year full of activities with members working together to serve the children of the area.  Join us on Friday mornings for our regular membership meeting at the K of C Hall in Dexter.