Serving the Children of Dexter and Beyond


                                             Donna Accettullo


      Our guest speaker on Friday 10/30/2015 is Donna Accettullo.  She will tell us her story from being a victim to taking control of her life.  Donna is a fellow Bangor Toastmaster and her story is one of amazing inspiration and guts.  She is an Executive Therapeutic Sales Professional at GlaxoSmithKline the British multinational pharmaceutical company. 



After ten years of marriage, pregnant with her husband coming out of the closet leaving her and with $39.00 in the bank, she was a wreck.  From a fear-driven life, Donna came out and took flight.  Pulling herself together, she began teaching and raising her two daughters alone.  When her youngest was 11, she took off on a road trip to Montana alone for 18 days.  She returned with a song in her heart ready to be the strong woman role model for her children.  Her life changed forever.  What a wonderful song she sings!   

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